How to remove Crayon, Marker pen, Wax, Pencil, Smoke film, Mould from wallpaper and walls.

Stubborn stains such as wax, crayon or ink can me removed by following our old grannies cleaning tips.



The most effective way to clean every day dirt and kids finger marks from wallpaper is with baking soda,This works on both wallpapers and paint.

How to remove Crayon, Marker pen, Wax, Pencil, Smoke film, Mould from wallpaper and walls.


 The most effective way to clean every day dirt and  kids finger marks from wallpaper is with baking soda,This works on both wallpapers and paint. it dosn’t harm the wallpaper and is effective on stains.   A cupful of bleach in a gallon of water also works but test the solution on a hidden area of the wallpaper first checking it won’t damage or discolour  the wallpaper. Wet the wallpaper with the solution, and rinse thoroughly. If this dosn’t work ask your local Hardware shop for one of many good products now available for cleaning walls and wallpaper.


  Stubborn stains such as wax, crayon or ink can me removed by following our old grannies cleaning tips.

Crayon  sprinkle baking soda onto a damp cloth, and rub the stain gently.

Ink – Hairspray or lemon juice will remove ink, spray or squirt the area and wipe clean. You might need to do this several times.

Marker  If the marker is alcohol-based, spray the mark with a non-oily hairspray and wipe clean.For an oil-based marker, you can use lighter fluid (be carefull lighter fluid is flammable).  A mix of washing up liquid and colour-safe bleach or prewash spray will work on water-based markers. Spray on then rub gently and dry.

Wax  Let the wax dry and clean off  as much as you can with a blunt knife.  Next  hold a tissue over the wax and heat it with a  iron on low heat , the melted wax is absorbed by the tissue.

Pencil  A normal pencil rubber should clean it off, if not try the baking soda or a lemon cleaning method above..

Smoke Film Remove smoke film using a solution of 1 cup of borax, 2 tablespoons of soap flakes, 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed in a bucket of warm water this is best  sprayed on sponged in and then wiped dry. On tough stains this may need to be cleaned two or three times.  More cleaners tips 

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