Maintenance of Wrought iron railings and gates

Step by step guide to removing rust and flaking paint



Surface preparation is the single most important factor in avoiding rust and flaking paint on wrought iron railings and gates

Step by step guide to
 removing rust and flaking paint from and maintaining wrought iron and mild steel gates and railings
Surface preparation is the single most important factor in avoiding rust and flaking paint on wrought iron railings and gates

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How to remove Rust from Wrought Iron railings, grilles and gates. Rust prevention on wrought iron and mild steel iron work. 
Drill attachments, primers and one coat paints to remove and prevent rust on wrought iron and exterior metalwork in the shop.
best tools to clean wrought iron railing and gates

How to Remove Rust 
Wether you opt to use a rust converter type paint or primer and topcoat its important to  remove all loose and flaking rust and paint from the ironwork.

Sand-blasting wrought ironwork
Sand-blasting is the quickest way (but not the cheapest) to remove old paint and rust from metal work and gives a smooth finish. It is ideal for ornamental wrought ironwork. Sand blasters can be hired from the larger tool hire companies or you can remove the gate or railings and take them to a specialist. 
Removing rust and old paint with a wire Brush and Sand paper
Using a wire brush or preferably a drill with wire brush attachment is the way I remove rust and flaking paint, this takes longer than sand-blasting and is hard work but will thoroughly remove rust and loose paint from your wrought iron railings and gates. If you have the time and inclination you will save you a lot of money. Its not rocket science but it is important to use good quality wire brush attachments or you will spend a lot of time and petrol finding replacements when the ones you have bought from the pound shop or DIY chain, wear out or fall apart.  

The Finish 
You then need to use a rough sandpaper until the surface is smooth and free of defects, followed with a smooth sanding if you want a smooth finish. When the rust is completely removed and before the final sanding fill any holes with a metal filler available from car spares shops. If you use a rust converter paint and providing you have removed all the loose rust it isn’t necessary to remove all signs of rust.

Cleaning the metal work after removing the rust and loose paint
Clean the surface of the railings and gates with a strong detergent followed by a thorough rinsing and allow to dry, wipe of any rusty stains that can appear after a soaking with paint thinner.

Hammerite type rust converters.
Hammerite type products convert rust to metal and leaves a protective film that protects against future rust. Easier because once the loose rust and flaky paint has been removed and the metalwork has been cleaned, there is no need for further wire brushing or sanding.

If you prefer to use a standard metal paint when Painting ironwork to prevent rust
Prime with a rust inhibiting primer, making sure to work the primer and paint into the pinprick holes with a brush and finish by painting or spraying on two coats of exterior enamel. 

Surface preparation before painting wrought iron security grilles, iron railings, balustrade, iron gates, automatic iron gates, contemporary and antique ironwork is the single most important factor in avoiding rust and flaking paint in the future. Proper refurbishing of rusty iron Gates and Railings save a lot of money.

The tools and metal paint below, are all you will need to refurbish rusty wrought iron and mild steel railings and gates

I use Hammerite Direct to Rust because it can be painted directly onto rusty surfaces, and thanks to its special 3 in 1 formula there is no need to use a primer or undercoat – saving you precious time! Touch dry in an hour, Hammerite gives long-lasting protection and is suitable for use on a wide range of exterior metal including gates, railings, drainpipes, guttering and garden furniture. – Apply direct to rust – Protects for up to 5 years – No primer or undercoat required.

You will need the abrasive drill attachment kit and a couple of steel brushes like the ones below to remove the loose rust and flaky paint and paint brushes if you are going to hand paint the railings. The Hammerite Metalmaster Gun saves a lot of time. 

Small rusty areas on iron Gates, Balcony iron work and railings, 
How to remove rust and strip the old paint from small areas of Iron driveway gates and railings
Use a wire brush to remove the rust and flaking paint.
Then use a good paint stripper to strip the paint from the iron work. 
Next brush on a rust converter to convert the rust back to iron.
You can use either a metallic undercoat and top coats or use Hammerite type Metal paints, which don’t need an undercoat and are hard wearing, to repaint the gates and railings.
If you are not a dab hand at painting,make sure to cover the area under the metalwork
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